Annie, Drop It!
Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Loch Haven Dog Park, Hoover Alabama, Dog Devotionals.com, Job 38:36-41
It had reached the seventies at Loch Haven Dog Park in Hoover, Alabama on the afternoon of February 19, 2016. Annie and I were trying our luck on the big dog side since there seemed to be a friendly combination of owners and a great variety of dogs.  I was delighted to see a charcoal gray Afghan Hound, a Doberman, Boxer, Goldendoodle, brown Husky, as well as mixes of unknown lineage. 
Frisbees flew, balls were thrown and the sound of galloping dogs whisking through the crowds of owners filled the park. 
The water had been turned off when we had some cold weather so the pipes wouldn’t freeze.  The dogs hoped their owners were thoughtful enough to bring plenty of water for their consumption.
As some of us were discussing dog food choices, I saw Annie pick up the plastic bucket which previously held water and take off running with it.  Annie, drop it!  Laughter ensued as owners turned to see Annie running with it in her mouth at top speed. I finally caught up to her, retrieved the water bucket placing it on top of the fence out of her reach.
During my spiritual journey, there have been many times when Satan has tried to get me to pick up something for which God has already forgiven me. 
Isaiah 43:25 (NLT)

"I--yes, I alone--will blot out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again.
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