Quiet Persistence
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         I was disappointed to find the small dog side of the dog park empty when Annie (my 33-pound emotional support Pit Bull mix) and I arrived.  Knowing our time there would be best spent with her interacting with other dogs, we ventured into the large dog enclosure.
         Immediately a 50-pound Lab/Pit Bull mix bounded up to Annie while she was greeting a 30-pound female of unknown origin with very large erect ears.  The lab mix won the battle for attention and dirt flew as the race began.
         As I stood observing, a very broad Old English Bulldog approached to check me out.  He had an imposing presence, but a sweet demeanor.  I introduced myself to the 60-pound Adonis and he thankfully accepted my praise and petting.  Then, Adonis sat down directly in front of me looking intently into my eyes. 
         I began walking around so I could keep Annie in sight but Adonis would not be deterred.  Each time I moved, he moved and resumed his position seated in front of me.  Adonis’ nose had detected the duck jerky treats I had within a container in my coat pocket.  Annie’s age is the equivalent of a teenager and I have to resort to bribery and rewards to obtain the behavior I so desire (but don’t always receive).
         Adonis didn’t jump on me, he didn’t whine or beg, but pursued me with quiet persistence until I relented giving him several pieces of duck jerky. 
         I went through a period of 12 years when I pursued God praying for forgiveness from my ex-husband.  I began this journey of praying for my ex-husband because we are commanded to pray for our enemies.  Over time, God softened my heart and I prayed for my ex’s safety and health.  Then those prayers matured to include joy, happiness, and a wife to enjoy the rest of his life. 
         God answered my prayer after we had been separated for 13 years and divorced for 12.  I knew there was nothing I could humanly do to change my ex-husband’s heart, but I had unfailing faith in God’s limitless abilities.  I am eternally thankful that His loving-kindness and mercies are new everyday.  I am also thankful my persistence was rewarded.
Colossians 4:2 Joyce Meyer’s The Everyday Life Bible
Be earnest and unwearied and steadfast in your prayer [life], being [both] alert and intent in [your praying] with thanksgiving.
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