What Sounds Are You Known By?
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         It had been over a month since I had seen Ora, a full-blooded pit) at Loch Haven Dog Park in Hoover, Alabama.  Annie, my 33-pound emotional support pit bull mix, and I had the small dog side all to ourselves while four or five dogs played in the large dog side. I looked over the fence to find Ora and her new brother, Apollo (a Rottie mix) being scolded by a larger, older dog.  I invited them to come join us and the fun began.
         Annie was thrilled to see Ora and they started chasing each other as soon as Ora entered the gate.  Her large paws got in the way at one point causing her to turn a few flips but, once she regained her footing, the chase resumed with Apollo bringing up the rear.
         During the tumble when all three were engaged in full contact, we began to hear some pretty fierce sounding growling.  I was already wondering which one was the source when I heard Ora’s dad yell, “Ora, no growling!”
         I replied that I thought it was pretty natural. 
         "Is it?" Ora’s dad replied.  He then elaborated that he didn’t want Annie to get hurt or another dog owner to misinterpret Ora from her growl as being mean and aggressive.  Ora has a great temperament and I wasn’t worried for Annie’s welfare at all because I had been around Ora from a much younger age.
         I certainly understood Ora’s dad’s concern as new people bring their dogs to the park all the time. If a new dog owner were to see Ora for the first time and then hear what is a pretty fierce growl, the wrong assumption would be probable.
Matthew 12:37 (NIV)
For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.      
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